Protavic Korea Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and has been manufacturing and supplying highly purified and highly reliable silver-filled electro-conductive adhesives for semiconductor and electronic industries.

Protavic Korea was incorporated as a member of PROTEX International since August 2001, who is worldwide famous multi-national fine chemical manufacturer and distributor. PROTEX International has two more sister companies for electro-conductive adhesives such as PROTAVIC in France and PROTAVIC America in U.S.A.

ProtavicKorea Co., Ltd.

Founded Bell Hi-Tec Inc. in April 1994

Established Dae-Jeun Plant(The 4th IND) in May 1995

Established Research Institute In April 1996

Acquired ISO 9002 certificated in Oct. 1997

Changed company name to PROTAVIC Korea in Jan. 2005

Protavic Korea Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing the high purity and high reliability epoxy adhesive for semiconductor, electronic, opto-electronic, and car industries, ect.

R&D equipment and human resources have been recruited to spur the research and development of the future-oriented advanced technology. Their quality and technology are well-proven worldwide, as they had acquired ISO 9002 certification.

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